Vacchetti spa


Vacchetti SPA is a historical Piedmontese company that deals with the sale of furniture and is aimed at a businnes audience, such as hotels and restaurants. 

Characterized by decades of experience, extreme professionalism and reliability, he had the need to bring all these values on social media, especially on its Linkedin profile.

Content creation

To show Vacchetti’s products at their best and convey the quality characterizing the service of Vacchetti SPA, we produced several shots to complement the editorial calendar designed for the customer, so that their communication on Linkedin was 100% customized

We have therefore created the contents in their entirety, from the definition of the topics up to the realization of the material: shots, copy and graphics.


To communicate with all the customers of Vacchetti SPA we send out email campaigns in which we present articles, products and brand news with an eye-catching look.