Tenuta Pernice


Founded by Maria Poggi Azzali in 1988, Tenuta Pernice is a female-run winery located in the heart of Val Tidone, which produces and sells wines in Italy and abroad and trades grapes on a national scale.
Proud members of “Le donne del vino” and collaborators of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Tenuta Pernice is a respected member of the wine-growing environment who has obtained more than one award for its wines.

Social media marketing

The contents made for Tenuta Pernice aim to represent the world of wine in its entirety, from the everyday life of production to the most elegant and refined side of consumption.
We used in every shot the property of Tenuta Pernice to grow awareness and share with its audience and customers the magnificent reality behind its wines.

Web site

To allow the brand to position itself online and optimise sales throughout Italy, we developed an e-commmerce to narrate their story and present their products in the best possible way.