Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Almost 5 billion people are on social media, you don’t have any excuses to avoid them anymore!
Thanks to our expertises, advanced instruments and a team made of social-media-addicted we will be able to develop an engaging storytelling and a strong marketing strategy to take your follower and turn them your community!
  • Market

    Market analysis is the starting point to study the best digital marketing plan for your company. Through a detailed and well done analysis we will be able to position your brand correctly and take action with a thought-through digital marketing plan.

  • Advanced

    We give our clients an advanced report service by which is possible to take a look to every piece of data we got from social media and advertising campaigns. We will deliver this data through easy to understand graphs, perfect to help either the marketing department of a big company or a small business to understand campaigns performances.

  • Advertising

    Our experts in Google ADS and Meta ADV will manage your campaigns while keeping an eye to reports to optimise results. The cost of campaigns will be billed to you directly from Meta or Google, without paying extras.

  • Strategy

    Customer journey is an important piece that goes into building a brand. Our strategist will create a tailor-made funnel made to bring people to actually buy your product.

  • Community

    Community management is one of the most important aspect of digital marketing. Once you’ve built a following is necessary to be present for the people who have decided to be part of your community. Thanks to our social media managers we’re able to offer a precise and punctual service of community management, which always reflects the tone of voice of your brand!

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