Okra eyewear

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Okra is a sophisticated, modern and highly customizable brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses. In its online shop, in addition to the Okra brand, there are also the best luxury brands in eyewear. We followed the brand from the start and we took care of the creation of everything, from the logo to the coordinated image, to the development of ecommerce and social management.

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We started from the beginning, when the brand didn’t even had a name.
Okra, bilberry, kasmal and ironwood are all healing plants that were used for eye care. 

Today Okra takes care of its customers’ eyes thanks to high quality lenses.

For the image of the brand we aimed to convey elegance and quality but with a young and brilliant touch, for this reason we used a particular font that we modified ourselves to make it even more unique.


Okra’s website is an intuitve and modern ecommerce, with minimal lines enriched by editorial shots and product photos made on marble tiles that communicate luxury and attention to detail.

Divided between Okra brand glasses and glasses of the best brands on the market, the website also presents the accessories of the brand, of which we have taken care of packaging and graphics, thus creating a well-rounded brand, with a story to tell.