Enoteca Picchioni

#ContentCreation, #WebDevelopment.

Enoteca Picchioni is a sophisticated and welcoming place that needs a web and social media representation that reflects the luxury and professionalism that sets it apart.

Content creation

Enoteca Picchioni sells in particular bottles with fine labels, the vintages of his wines are a pride and a value for the Enoteca, and for this reason we decided to take advantage of the mysterious and intense atmosphere that the historicity of the place gives to the shots.
The warm colours of the wood and the depth of the exposed bricks give the photos a perfect background to create an almost dreamy mood, playing with the lights and reflections.
The result are elegant, intriguing, refined images.

Web Design

To bring the name of Enoteca Picchioni out of his hometown we created a website that reflected the image that already transpired from the shots made for social media.
Minimal, simple and elegant, the website has become an excellent showcase for the refined bottles for sale, which can be purchased directly online,  reaching a national audience.