Dairy Industry Serafini

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The Dairy Industry Serafini is one of the largest producers and sellers of biological food in our region. Their brand has a long history, but because of this the younger generation didn’t know who they were. Our challenge was to use Instagram and Facebook to reach young people that could be interested in their great products, creating a community focused on food and Italian culture of our region.

Content creation

Our team of content creators shoots photos and reels for their social media platforms, following the trends of the moment and the editorial plan shared from our social media marketing team.

The stories

Like the posts, the stories we create also aim to recreate that natural feeling of paper, ink and polaroid photos.

Thanks to them we involve the public and make them interact with the Serafini profile, thanks to recipes, questions, quotes and multiple choice quizzes.


To fully show what is happening within the Serafini dairy production, we make reels showing the making-of, products and moments we all can experience in their store.

For the realization of them we use the best equipment, some viral editing techniques and often we use animated graphics to complete the videos.