Azienda Agricola Luca Ciocchi

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The Azienda Agricola Luca Ciocchi is a family farm that produces wines and cured meats. They decided to open their business to a larger scale, after selling their products in the local area for many years. To help them achieve these new goals we studied their new branding that diversifies them from their competitors.


Our challenge was to communicate the history and know-how in the creation of biological food products, but demonstrate that their are young and open to changes. From this starting point we selected a colorful palette and we designed a logo that portrays the company headquarters with Luca’s signature, highlighting the importance of the man behind the business.

We completely revised the wine bottle labels, creating new and fresh designs that makes them feel like a new, quality product.

Sito Web

The company didn’t have a website, so we created it from the ground up. It needed to tell the story of the farm and to make the customer feel the beauty of the context in which the headquarters are located. We created some high resolution photos of the surroundings and their products that can be purchased on the website.